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Will Moses 's " Springtime in Bullfrog Hollow "

    Springtime in Bullfrog - image by Will Moses
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by Will Moses
Published by Will Moses / Mt. Nebo Gallery, Inc.

Spring in the country is a wonderful thing. The new leaves are out,
the earth is warming up and the landscape is at its most varied. 
A great time to travel, see the sights. And just for the fun of it, 
tour up through the Hollow some spring day and listen to the 
croaking bullfrogs telling jokes ... gems such as; "What kind of 
shoes do frogs wear? - Open toad, naturally!" or "Waiter...Waiter... 
Do you have frog legs? - No!...I just walk this way!" Bull frog Hollow 
is a very funny place.


[Bullet] Collector Edition _22" x 24" * Serigraphs
    350 Limited edition Signed and Numbered.

[Bullet] Collector Edition _22" x 24" * Serigraphs
    35 Limited edition Signed and Numbered.
    Artist Proofs


DESCRIPTION                     SIZE     ISSUE PRICE
Springtime in Bullfrog Hollow 22" x 24" $ 390 plus shipping.
Paper edition
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-435-6009
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