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Sandra Kuck
Published by V.F. Fine Arts.

Today Sandra Kuck is one of the most widely recongnized and collected artists
in North America. Her elegent technique, exquisite detail and lyrical compositions
are matched with subject matter beloved by everyone. Sweet beautiful childern,
young mothers with infants, stately rooms, rich flowering gowns are among her favorite themes.

Ms. Kuck has won many industry awards including Print of the Year, Best Plate,
and six Artist of the Year from (NALED) National Associated of Limited Edition Dealers,
and 1991 Collectible Artist of the Year. Recognized in Canada as Artist of the Year, 1991-1995.
Sandra was recently commissioned by the National Archives in Washington D.C. for a series commemorating the American woman.

Sandra's talents are not limited to prints and plates. She has designed a collection of award
winning dolls and is creating a new figurine and doll series.
Her work can also be found on greeting cards throughout the world.
Published by V.F. Fine Arts.

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