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Nancy Glazier         

Nancy Glazier's print " Shadow Tales "
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Shadow Tales by Nancy Glazier	
Published by Somerset House Publishing

Time:  Fall, early A.M.
Place: The edge of a hayfield...a favorite place for the
wild to slip like a shadow, into view.
Action:Sometime between the dog days of summer and the
trails of winter, there is an abrupt change...groups of
richly adorned bucks, having feasted among comrades for
many long lazy days, suddenly begin to get on each other's
nerves. They become testy, restless and territorial.
A younger more foolhardy buck has just pushed the 
"the big guy" too far, and is being taught a lesson.


[Bullet] Limited Edition ___1500 signed and numbered


DESCRIPTION                 Image size           PRICE    
"Shadow Tales"     18" X 36"     $ 175 (U.S.)
                                                   plus shipping  
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-435-6009

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