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  The Painted Desert

              The Painted Desert by N.Glazier
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The Painted Desert
by Nancy Glazier
Published by Somerset House Publishing

... as if time were a long silver ribbon flowing. Now it begins to spread
wide and thin, becoming an iridescent veil billowing gently around you,
softer than the flight of a moon moth, more transparent than the wing of
a dragonfly, shimmering like a mirage. Indeed, it has become so very
thin and light you will miss it completely unless you know its there.

Stand still upon the fine carpet ... not during the heat of the day, not
when the sun flares down his blazing cloak, but at the other times ...
stand then, and allow the silken veil of time to caress  your cheek ...
Above dance sheer layers of aqua, lapis and cerulean blue. Before
your eyes, all this azure begins to flow over the distant mountains,
down the furrowed flanks of buttes, and between standing stones.
Now it comes rippling over the sand cool upon your feet ...
Gathering, pooling, warming in the sun, it begins to swirl around
you and back across the sand into copper, terra cotta, sienna,
mars violet and burnt fuchsia. The air is rich with a smokey-sweet
perfume ... the warm colors begin to flow into purple pools beneath
brush and stone, cooling, seeking out deep blue hollows.

As you stand still on the fine carpet, you hear something in the air...
the desert whispering her secrets. She tells you of her children, how
she nourishes them, tempers them, shelters them from the fire.
You may never see them unless you stand in the right place, allowing
time to flow around you, over you, and finally, through you ...
and when you have been washed transparent, you will be able to see
the painted ones standing together just over a rise, children of the
desert, burnished gold and copper by the sun, polished by flowing time...
                                                                             ~ Nancy Glazier 1999


DESCRIPTION       Image Size   Edition Size   PRICE    
Limited Edition        18 3/4" x 34"   1200  s/n      $175 (U.S)
                                                                     issue plus shipping
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