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Nancy Glazier         

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Amazing Grays - II by Nancy Glazier	
Published by Somerset House Publishing

These wild horses let me use some of my favorite
painting techniques: scumbling, impasto, 
splattering, palette knife, etc. These beautiful
grays are full of color - greens and reds mostly;
also indigo, cobalt turquoise, mars violet and 
naples yellows. There are no "black and white" 
grays in this painting. But the thrill of all 
thrills for me was how the vivid personalities
of this group of young stallions leapt out from
the canvas from the very start! When the young
colts begin to mature and "feel their oats", the
herd sire boots them out. he stands no 
competition! These outcasts seek out their own,
forming lively "bachelor bands" for protection
and companionship. They "hang out" and bother
each other continually, engaging in all sorts
of mock battles and tests of strength until each
one becomes able to form and defend his own herd.


[Bullet] Limited Edition ___1500 signed and numbered


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"Amazing Grays - II"     18" X 36"     Call for pricing  
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