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Mark Keathley        

Mark Keathley print SPRING CLEANING

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" Spring Cleaning " by Mark Keathley
Published by Newmark Publishing U.S.A. 
When the weather begins to warm and the flowers put on their glorious
display, Hannah and Rachel notice that there are some creatures in 
their care that need attention, too. After the long winter the family dogs
definitely need a scrubbing. Gracie, the Yorkshire Terrier, is more then
a bit playful after her bath. Dolly, who showed up on the door step eight
years ago, would be a content mutt if she never had to get in the old 
wash tub. Heidi, the Border Collie, however, is in dog heaven. She
loves the tender strokes provided by these loving maidens as they
tend to their " Spring Cleaning ". 


[Bullet] Limited Edition ___750 signed and numbered


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" Spring Cleaning "    16 " X 20 "       call for pricing
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