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L. Gordon's "The Art Gallery"

Published by Somerset House Publishing

Published from the artist's original painting.
The Art Gallery
by L. Gordon

Published by Somerset House Publishing

The Art Gallery by L. Gordon is set in Tlaquepaque Arts & Craft Village in
Sedona, Arizona. Although it is actually an Indian village, its architectural style
is European. With a variety of art galleries and shops, it offered the artist the
perfect setting for his impressionistic paintings.

"I found the Tlaquepaque Village an intriguing setting, owing to its unique
architectural elements brought over from Europe. I did several water colors
of this charming center ... delighted by the graceful stairs and art galleries
among the white plain trees, usually found only in France." - - L. Gordon

[Bullet] Collector Edition _21 x 26 1/2" * 1000 Limited edition Signed and Numbered


The Art Gallery   21" x 26 1/2"   $140  plus shipping.

TO ORDER CALL 1-800-435-6009
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