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Jane Wooster Scott   

Soon, A Newborn Colt ! by Jane Wooster Scott
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Soon, A Newborn Colt ! by Jane Wooster Scott
Published by Scott Arts Graphics

The miracle of birth is nature's greatest triumph,
ensuring the preservation of all species on planet
Earth for eons to come. This beautiful, understated
Jane Wooster Scott painting is an enduring reminder
that although change is inevitable, so are Mother
Nature's immutably unchanging designs for life on 
earth. In this case a tiny colt is about to join
the world's living creatures.


[Bullet] Limited Edition ___1525 signed and numbered


DESCRIPTION                         Image size             PRICE    
"Soon, A Newborn Colt" 7 7/8" X16"   $ call
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-435-6009

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