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Judy Larson

Three Wolves (print) by Judy Larson
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Three Wolves
Published by Appeljack Limited Editions

Once the most widely distributed land predator in the world gray
wolves originally flourished as far south as Mexico City.
Cohabiting with them for centuries were Spanish mustangs, used
both by conquistadors on glod expeditions and by Apache
warriors on their fearsome raids.
    By 1970, Mexican wolves had been hunted or trapped nearly
to extinctions in America's southwest. The five known remaining
wolves were captured in the hopes of saving this threatened species.
    In 1989, a battered wild herd of 100 Spanish mustangs, a strain
thought to have disappeared a century before, was discovered in
an isloated pocket of Arizona's San Luis mountains. They, too,
have become part of a captive-breeding program. Perhaps
others still survive in the wild.
    "Three Wolves" is celebration of two species, wild, free, and
pure, who once shared an unforgiving land.


[Bullet] Collector Edition __14 " x 29 " * 3250 signed and numbered
[Bullet] Collector Edition __14 " x 29 " *    325  A/P signed and numbered
[Bullet] Canvas    Edition __14 " x 29 " *   325 signed and numbered


Collector s/n 14" X 29" $245 (U.S.)plus shipping
Collector A/P 14" X 29" $305 (U.S.)plus shipping
Canvas    s/n 14" X 29" $495 (U.S.)plus shipping

TO ORDER CALL 1-800-435-6009
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