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Jane Wooster Scott

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People Magazine:
"Her painting give people a good feeling
about an easier time and way of living ...
an improbable Grandma Mose"

Good Housekeeping Magazine:
"Jane Wooster Scott's enchanting primitive
painting are snapped up by collectors on
four continents."

Los Angeles Times:
"Her paintings are amusing and anecdotal."

New York Post:
"Jane Wooster Scott has developed a
fabulously successful career in oil paints ...
a very nice eye for color."

U.S.A. Today:
..."Her paintings hang on high-profile walls,
she has a corner on the celebrity market."

Town & Country:
"Jane Wooster Scott, well-known
American naive painter ..."

US Magazine:
"America's leading primitive artist..."

The Art Collector Magazine:
"Jane Wooster Scott, one of the first
American artists to break the barrier with
big sales in Japan & one of the most
uniformly popular... in one year they bought
40 of her originals, sight unseen!"

Hollywood Reporter:
..."Her work is awesomely good... so good
it even upstages her star-studded guest list."

Art Trends Magazine:
"Best known for her whimsical paintings..."

Beverly Hills Courier:
"Jane Wooster Scott is a self-taught artist
whose work can be found in the White
House and in the American embassies in
Portugal and Australia. She has exhibited
throughout the US, Europe and Japan."

Western Art Magazine:
"Scott's style reflects an unselfconscious
emphasis on color, creating decorative
surface patterns over abstract color field

Click on image to view a larger one.
Click on image to view a larger one.

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