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A Nation Blessed by G. Harvey
Published by
Somerset House Publishing

The Pageant of Peace and the lighting of our National Christmas Tree
have as rich a history and heritage as that of our great country.
Beginning in 1913 during the administration of Woodrow Wilson,
this ceremony of lighting the tree became a tradition. This
tradition has, in numerous ways, been a reflection of each
generation's hopes, dreams and ideals.

The tree is lighted by the President of the United States, the
First Lady and/or other family members. In 1941, it was lighted
by the President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was accompanied
by Sir Winston Churchill, while an anzious nation had its mind on
Pearl Harbor and World War II. During 1942,1943, and 1944,
no lights were placed on the tree in observance of war-time
blackout. During the Iran hostage situation, President Jimmy Carter
lighted only the treetop star. On January 20, 1981, following
President Ronald Reagan's inaurguration and the release of
the hostages, the tree was decorated and lighted briefly to
symbolically welcome the hostages home.

The 1997 tree is a forty-two foot live Colorado Blue Spruce. It
is complimented by fifty-six smaller trees representing the
states, territories and the District of Columba.

The Pageant of Peace and the illuminated tree on the
Ellipse, adjacent to the White House, in Washington, D.C.
have become a beacon of hope. G. Harvey's A Nation Blessed
is a moving tribute to this holiday celebration.


[Bullet] Limited Edition ___1950 signed and numbered
    including a $10 Commemorative stamp


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