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Tom duBois

            image "the garden of eden" by Tom duBois
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" The Breath of Life. " by Tom duBois
Published by Gregory Editions

This is the exciting new series is based on the story of the creation
of man and woman as written in the Book of Genesis.
In "The Breath of Life," the first print in the series, duBois
paints the definitive garden - lush, peaceful and splashed
with radiant color. The running stallions represent God's
breath as he gives Adam life. The second print in the series
will feature feature the creation of Eve.


[Bullet] Limited Edition ___12500 signed and numbered


DESCRIPTION          Image size     ISSUE  PRICE    
" The Breath of Life " 20 " X 24 "     $ 165 plus shipping 
 TO ORDER CALL 1-800-435-6009
or email koshgall@koshgall.com

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