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Scott Zoellick

cry wolf by Scott Zoellick

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" Cry Wolf ! " by Scott Zoellick
- Copyright  2005 ©Thunder Mountain Press

"Once Upon a Time" (as in old mythology), there was a little shepherd boy who "cried wolf" when he was lonesome. When the evil wolf did come, no one believe him. So the story goes.
Today, most outdoors people have a different understanding of wolves. They are very intelligent, social animals. Each has their own orderly place in the pack, much like man. Maybe that is why we have such a mystical fascination for them.
Wolves love to sing, like the one in Scott's painting. Sometimes they create a chorus, five or six howling together, each in their respective key. They are exciting animals held in awe by outdoorsmen and environmentalists alike. "Cry Wolf !" will always be fascinating print. Order yours today.

[Bullet] " Cry Wolf ! "         *
       1000  signed and numbered prints
[Bullet] " Cry Wolf ! "         *
       Artist's Proofs with an Original Full Color Remarque
      signed and numbered prints


" Cry Wolf ! " S/N  30 " x 18 3/4 " $175 (U.S.)
      Plus shipping
" Cry Wolf ! " Artist's Proof with Full-Color Remarque 30 " x 18 3/4 " $250 (U.S.)
      Plus shipping
Call NOW and order yours.   

Call 1-800-435-6009 to order
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