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Sold out print search

We will search for any sold out or hard to find print for you and order it for you.
Once recieved by us it must past our inspection before it becomes yours.

Key Benefits

[Bullet] You name the artist, title and price range. We use our sources developed
over our fourteen years in business to locate that hard to find art work for you.
[Bullet] No cost to you until we find what you are looking for at a price
that is agreeable to you.
[Bullet] We find it and inform you of the price (which we honor for 24 hrs.)
[Bullet] Once you agree on the price and put down the needed deposit. We order
the print from our source and have it shipped to us..
[Bullet] Once recieved the art is inspected by our Quality Control Department.
[Bullet] If the art fails the art inspection it is NOT yours.
[Bullet] Once the art passes the quality inspection it is shipped to you as per the terms
arranged at the time of order.
If we can not get the art at the price and condition set at time of order the deposit
IS refunded.

[Bullet] Call 1 (800) 435-6009
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