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print by nancy glazier " sundown "
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by Nancy Glazier
Published by Somerset House Publishing

Just as life abounds where water meets dry land,
color abounds where night meets bright day...
everything seems to arise, and bold its breath...

We feel a gracious pause in the air as the sun
gathers her skirts about her, on the shores of night.

On certain clear, still evenings, after the beat of day,
just at Sundown, the blues melt into that color that
has no name, yet is the mother of all colors...

We cannot explain it, define it, or hold onto it,
but it is here, briefly here, before it sighs and
relaxes into purple.

And now, suspended between the gold of the sun
and the silver of the moon, the deer begin to appear
as if by magic... the tender sky draws them up
from the shady  brush and the blue ravine....
gently up, into her opaline embrace ... enchanted,
at Sundown.
                          ~ Nancy Glazier 1999


DESCRIPTION       Image Size  Edition Size   PRICE    
Limited Edition         20" x 34"       1200    s/n      $175 (U.S)
                                                                           issue plus shipping
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-435-6009
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