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Nancy Glazier

Published by Somerset House Publishing

Peace On Earth.
Published from the artist's original painting.

Peace on Earth represents a milestone in Glazier's growth as an artist.
It is a masterful work, skillfully executed, and certain to touch a cord in
the hearts of all who view it. One can almost hear the lion breathing
and the lamb sigh in contentment. At such a moment, is it so hard to believe
that peace on earth is possible?

"I got to know this lion while painting him. He was amazing!
He would let me come right up to him and snuggle his mane.
It was glorious!" - Nancy Glazier
Published by Somerset House Publishing


[Bullet] Peace on Earth __21" x 30" * 1200 Signed and Numbered.


Peace on Earth    21x30       Call for pricing

TO ORDER CALL 1-800-435-6009
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