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Nancy Glazier         

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Farewell to Fall II by Nancy Glazier
Published by Somerset House Publishing

" The seasons change dramatically in the north country...
fall being a season of intense activity in preparation for the long, deep winter
the days grow short, the air becomes bracing, and the skies stormy.
"The bulls gather their cows together as jealously guarded possessions...
their haunting calls echo among the vallesy and mountian slopes;
to my ears, it is the very sound of fall.
"As the elk graze upon slopes of rich fall grass, the sun sinks lower in the
heavy sky, sending shafts of golden light down upon their backs and pouring
over them like rich butter. Let winter come ... no matter. Now is the time for
saying 'Farewell to Fall', and it is glorious !"


[Bullet] Limited Edition ___1300 signed and numbered


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