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A Brand New Hope

A Brand New Hope ( print ) by Nancy Glazier
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A Brand New Hope
by Nancy Glazier
Published by Somerset House Publishing

Spring in Kentucky ! There is no sight to compare to the
magic of a bluegrass morning among the thoroughbreds.

The night's fog, becomes silvery at first light. As the sun
escapes the gentle hills, the whole world is suddenly
bathed in gold. The sleek mares and the new foals are
turned out into the lush, dewy pastures. elegant, perfect
and beautiful, they take my breath away.

Born to run, the first thing they do is fly around the field...
all legs and tails and wind. The foals caper and hop in
comical twisting leaps, but never far from their mothers'
soft sides.

One grey mare stands out from the rest. She is flecked
all over, like pewter stars in a silver sky, and her velvety
black foal is like the concentrated essence of all those
stars. What hopes were born with this dusky baby ?
Is he to be the one ? A Brand New Hope.
                                       ~ Nancy Glazier 1999


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