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Mark Keathley

         Mark Keathley 's print Day Of The Fair
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"Day Of The Fair" by Mark Keathley
Published by Newmark Publishing U.S.A. 
The day of the Fair was anticipated for months and worked
towards all year. Not simply because of the activities and
contests, but because folks were reunited with friends and 
became a part of the community again. Life in the country
or on the farm made unique and independent. The challenge
of survival encouraged stronger family units, and gave one a 
sense of being "in place". Each individual depended on the
other to do their part and be who they should be. One gained
a great sense of accomplishment by working the land, but
also a powerful thirst for seeing other folks whenever there
was a reason. Put all this together and see the excitement
on the "Day Of The Fair." 


[Bullet] Limited Edition ___750 signed and numbered


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" Day Of The Fair "       18 " X 24 "       $ 105 (U.S.)
75 a/p  $125(U.S.)     50 C/I $345(U.S.)

 TO ORDER CALL 1-800-435-6009

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