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Larry Dyke

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" The Little Red Schoolhouse " by Larry Dyke

Some of us may remember, others can only imagine...
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Mom's apple

pie packed in a big silver lunchbox... Riding a shiny
new bicycle along country lanes... Playing kick-the-can
and hopscotch with friends... The sound bell ringing
each morning...Pledging allegiance to the flag on a
sunny day...Remember or imagine --
The Little Red Schoolhouse.


[Bullet] " The Little Red Schoolhouse " 22 " x 28 " *
     1200 signed and numbered by the artist


DESCRIPTION                   SIZE      PRICE
"The Little Red Schoolhouse" 22"x28"  $125 plus shipping
Published by Somerset House Publishing
Call 1-800-435-6009 to order
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