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Judy Larson

Silent Spring by Judy Larsonimage key for silent spring by Judy Larson
Published by Appeljack Limited Editions

" Silent Spring " features three adult wolves -- the alpha male and female
and one wolf who, in cooperation with the entire pack, shares in the
responsibility of carring for the precious pups.

Four pups are concealed in the coats of the adults. Their survival and
indeed, their very existence, is questionable.

So many factors influence the ability of the dominant pair to remain
healthy and to produce the one litter born to a pack each year: a hard
winter, size of the pack, lack of large prey, prey/predator ratio and man.

Perhaps the pups will be wreak or not be born at all. When spring comes,
no puppy whimpers, yips, barks, or howels will be heard.

It would be a " Silent Spring "


[Bullet] Collector Edition __23 " x 21 1/4 " * 2950
signed and numbered


DESCRIPTION          SIZE        PRICE    
Collector        23" X 21 1/4"  $245 (U.S.) plus shipping

TO ORDER CALL 1-800-435-6009
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