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Jim Killen

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" Sharing the Land " Canada Geese
by Jim Killen

     A tranquil countryside blanketed with fresh snow over the corn stubble provides
needed refuge for the regal Canada Geese. The wind whistles through their set
wings as they fly honking out of the sky. This peaceful scene painted by Jim Killen
depicts a sharing between humans and waterfowl ... a  tradition maintaining habitat
to continue the abundance of our wildlife.


[Bullet] " Sharing the Land " Canada Geese   16 " x 23" *
       550 signed and numbered prints


 DESCRIPTION                      SIZE      PRICE    
" Sharing the Land " Canada Geese   16 " x 23 "    $ 125 (U.S.)  
                                                                                    plus shipping   

Call 1-800-435-6009 to order
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