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Jerry Gadamus

image of 'scarlet sanctuary' by jerry gadamus

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" Scarlet Sanctuary " by Jerry Gadamus
- Copyright  2003 ©Thunder Mountain Press

It's no mystery why Holy Hill paintings are so much in demand. The cathedral is recognized by almost everyone as a symbol of all that's right in the world. They believe it was first thought of as a holy place in the sixteen hundreds when a cross was raised there by Father Marquette expedition.

Now, Jerry has created another outdoor masterpiece by combining the cathedral with an air brush, bringing a sensitivity and style to his work that is uniquely his. 

[Bullet] " Scarlet Sanctuary "     14" x  31 " *
       On paper 1200 signed and numbered prints

[Bullet] " Scarlet Sanctuary "     14" x  31 " *
     Canvas Transfer signed and numbered prints

Issue Pricing


" Scarlet Sanctuary "

14" x  31 " * $ 170 ( U.S. )
plus shipping
Paper edition    

" Scarlet Sanctuary "

14" x  31 " * $ 400 ( U.S. )
plus shipping
Canvas Transfers    
Call NOW and order yours.   

Call 1-800-435-6009 to order
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