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Jerry Gadamus

image morning run (whitetail deer) by jerry gadamus

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" Morning Run Shadows " by Jerry Gadamus
- Copyright  2003 ©Thunder Mountain Press

Here they come.
Just as the sun breaks the horizon and starts to burn off the night's dewy mist. It's time of day when whitetails just like run. Maybe it's because they are so good at it. And, it's the kind of morning Jerry loves to paint because he is so good at it.

The softness of the early morning mist can best be painted with an airbrush...Jerry's only brush. Even the smallest details are accomplished without the aid of an ordinary brush. It's just one of the things that make his prints so unique and popular with those who love the outdoors..

[Bullet] " Morning Run"     14 1/2 " x  24 1/2 " *
       On paper 1500 signed and numbered prints

[Bullet] " Morning Run "    14 1/2 " x  24 1/2 " *
       Canvas Transfer signed and numbered prints

Issue Pricing

" Morning Run " 14 1/2 " x  24 1/2 " * $ 150 ( U.S. )
plus shipping
Paper edition    
" Morning Run " 14 1/2 " x  24 1/2 " * $ 350 ( U.S. )
plus shipping
Canvas Transfers    
Call NOW and order yours.   

Call 1-800-435-6009 to order
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