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TETON VALLEYG. Harvey's Teton Valley

  "The various moods of 
  the Grand Teton make
  them enticing to watch
  but a real challenge to
  paint. I have done on-
  the-spot sketches of the
  mountains at the same
  location, looking in the
  same direction, at differ-
  ent times of the day and
  had the paintings bear
  little resemblance to one
  another. Such surprises
  are a powerful reminder
  of how important light is
  in establishing the mood
  and the overall ambience
  of a scene."
                           - G. Harvey
Teton Valley
by G. Harvey
Published by Somerset House Publishing


[Bullet] Limited Edition ___1500 signed and numbered
[Bullet] Artist Proof Edition_250 signed and numbered


DESCRIPTION                      Image size                 PRICE    
Limited Edition                  30" X 24"               $ 195 plus shipping   
Artist Proof Edition            30" X 24"               $ 225 plus shipping  
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-435-6009
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