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Shoppers and Trolleys - Denver

"Shoppers And Trolleys - Denver" art print by G. Harvey

Shoppers and Trolleys - Denver
by G. Harvey
Published by Somerset House Publishing

The world within the imagination of artist G. Harvey is softly lit
by gaslight and candles, and cloaked in misty memories of a time when
trolley cars and carriages shared the road.

Shoppers and Trolleys - Denver is a scene of a city in motion.
Night descends and the bustling streets of downtown Denver are lighted
by the glow of gas lamps. The air is crisp with the taste of snow.
Shoppers hurry to and fro amidst horse-drawn carriages and trolleys.


[Bullet] Standard Edition __1950 Signed and numbered
[Bullet] Artist Proofs ______250 Signed and numbered


DESCRIPTION        Image Size        PRICE
Standard Edition   24 " x 18"    $ call for pricing
Artist Proof       24 " x 18"    $ call for pricing

TO ORDER CALL 1-800-435-6009
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