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Charles L. Peterson

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" The Daily News "
by Charles L. Peterson
Published by The White Door Publishing

    ANYTOWN, USA - In the days when newspapers were our chief ( sometimes only )
source of information, it was serious business being a paperboy. Customers often
impatiently waited at their doors to receive their paper and critique my delivery.
Careful folding and packing, accurate throwing, and a little luck with the neighborhood
dogs were all essential for timely delivery of the daily news.

Editions - To be released Feb. 1st 1999

[Bullet]  " The Daily News "__16" x 22" * 3000 s/n
[Bullet]  A special printed remarque on each print completes the story and provides
     a unique finishing touch for this wonderful image.


" The Daily News  16" x 22"   call for pricing

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