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   Charles L. Peterson

Full Service by Charles L. Peterson

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"Not now Sweetie. Grandma's going
to have a big dinner for us.
We want to keep your dress
nice and clean so she can see
how pretty you look."

"You can see, she's down about
half a quart so you're OK for
now, but we'll want to keep
an eye on it."

"Pop, me and Dick were talking about going fishing later on.

Wanna meet us down at the river after work?"

" Full Service "
  My kids can't imagine life without a microwave. They laugh at the
thought of watching black and white (or, as they say, "grey") TV. And, since
it's seldom portrayed in the movies, they're not sure if they should believe my
description of what gas stations were like in the "olden days.". 
Thank you, Charles Peterson

May 1ST, 2003


[Bullet] " Full Service "  
[Bullet]  2500 signed and numbered 15.5" x 31" Collector Edition
[Bullet]  2000 signed and numbered     9" x 18"  Encore Edition





( Issue )

" Full Service " CE

15.5" x 31"

$ 195 (U.S.)
plus shipping

" Full Service " EE

9" x 18"

 95 (U.S.)
plus shipping

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